Full throttle racing excitement
   for youngsters 5 to 16 years old!


How do I join?

Most tracks around the country offer ride days where you pay a small fee and your child can take a short test drive. The next step for you and your family will be to purchase a car and appropriate safety gear. You can buy a new car from many manufactures, or to look for a used car, visit our Classified section. There is always a wide variety of cars and accessories for sale.

Then go to our Club locator to find the club nearest you. You will have to join a local club as well as Quarter Midgets of America . After you have the equipment and you've joined a club, your child will have to go through novice training. This training will be provided by a Novice Training person or group from your local club. Once completed, your membership allows you to race at all the QMA tracks across the country.

If you have any questions or need help finding a club near you please contact the QMA office at 866-QMA-9519. For more specific regional and club details, as well as directions and contact information, try our Clubs page or Regional Directors page.

We hope you are able to join our QMA family, and we are certain that it will be the experience of a lifetime for both the driver and handler.

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