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Western Grand's - Sacramento, California


July 24, 2004

Friday night the Pretty car contest took place in the infield after racing was done. The judges had a very hard time picking their winner, there were so many nice paint jobs here. The winner of the 2004 Western Grand’s pretty car was awarded to Kyle Zimmerman from the Portland club.

After the 8:30 pit meeting the A mains started lining up. The Jr. Honda A main driver’s brought their cars on to the track and one buy one they came onto the track for a driver introduction. Ron Johnson did a great job with driver introductions and interviewing the drivers in the winner circle after the checkered flag flew.

Shelley Wentworth waved the first green flag at 9:34 am to the pack of Jr. Honda’s with Davey Matthews from Metro Atlanta with the jump. Davey and Jake Salinas battled for the lead, on the last laps Salinas took the win. The Salinas crew along with team Rice were very excited in the winners circle, Jake had a big thank you going out to his crew. Unfortunately Salinas was DQ’d in Tech and the win goes to Davey Matthews.

Sr. Honda was won by Brent Curran. Jonathan Pepe lead the race until lap 29 when Curran went for the lead. But just as in the Jr. Honda A Main Curran was DQ’d in tech. This is such a touch break for these kids after racing so hard. So the Sr. Honda win will go to car # 4 Carlson Iverson.

Next out was the Hvy. Honda race,  car #2 Stevie masse took the lead and held it for four laps when hard charging Nick Carey came in and took over. On lap 22 Aaron Tange took the lead from Carey for one lap. This race had a lot of lead chances with all the driver’s pushing for the checkered, this race came down to the last lap when CJ Sarna took the lead and the win.

Jr. Stock pushed off with Tristan Guardino setting the pace. This was by far the roughest race. We only had two cars cross the finish line. Car #4 Tommy Kunsman Jr. and car #1 Tristan Gaurdino were swapping it up until 3 laps to go. The winner was Austin Liggett follwed by Max McGee, both of these boys were heads up racing.

The first 3 laps of the Sr. Stock A main saw a lot of wheel bangging, they got it all worked out in lap 5. Kenny Biro with the lead being chased hard by Andrew Brazzell. On lap 16 Tyler Williams took over leading the pack. Then on lap 33 Trey Carey took over and lead them to the finish.

Lt. Mod was another one that only had 5 cars finish. The winner was Devon Ostheimer  with Adam Wilsdon in 2nd. 3rd was Jesse Harper, 4th Dustin Golobic and rounding it out in 5th was Jake Haulot.

Hvy. Mod was lead from the start of the race all the way to lap 38 when she spun on the front straight. There was a lot of “Oh No’s” from the stand when Karley Hoffses went to the tail of the line on the restart. Karley did make it back up to 5th for the finish. Matt Covington took home the win with Charles Cagel on his tail.

When Lt. 160 rolled out it was getting pretty hot in the day and we had already seen some spectacular races. The #1 car driven by Travis Stone jumps the lead, but we get a yellow flag right away when car # 0 Ben Kullos and car #6 Thomas Stanford tangle. A few laps into the race it looked like Travis Fields was going to take the win as he made his way threw the pack and he got a call made on him and was sent to the back. With 19 laps to go Fields works his way to the lead with Kenny Biro on his tail. With three laps to go we have a yellow and the group bunches up. Everyone was holding their breath because Biro was on his tail, but Field’s pulls the win off and the fans went nuts.

Hvy.160 had Billy Golden with the jump but was soon chased down by Joey Emm. Frank Marks took the lead when Emm and Amy Shaw came together. On lap #5 Amy Shaw took a hard hit coming out of turn 4 into the wall, the

 EMT checked her out and she was cleared. Amy was not able to get her car back on the track. With 25 laps to go Billy Golden flips his car on the front straight, he was fine and ready to race. After lots of lead changes and some wheel banging the win goes to Joey Emm from Oaklane QMA. This win also breaks the QMA record of most grand’s win.

Lt. B A main race # 76 was next. Talk about keeping your eyes opened, on lap 6 we had car # 6 Joshua Pepe on his top, all was okay. With 34 laps showing in the window Eric Stedman was our leader. The yellow came out again on lap 13 when car 3 9 Jake Haulot went DOT. Joshua Pepe was leading when the green flew again. After a hard fight Ryan Bernal was shown the checkered flag with 7 cars finishing this race. I don’t know if this is a first but every car in this race had a DOT, what a rough race!

Now we have Lt. BB on the track, Joshua Potts got the lead on the start and held it for 2 laps when Chris Eggleston made his move into 1st place. On lap 18 our 3rd yellow was out. Leading the pack around for the green was car # 4 Jesse Harper, we had a lead change again on lap 22. The checkered was given to car #6 David Gravel from the Silver City club.

During the Hvy. B A main the 1st yellow was seen when car #9 Andrew Lloyd went DOT. Car #1  Cody Key flipped on the front straight, Cody was checked and all was okay. Next we had car #0 Travis Hawley went for a wide. All was okay with the driver. Car #6 Charlie Cagle was the driver with the win, it was all smiles in the Cagel pit. Grandpa Charlie was teary eyed from watching his grandson run so well.

The Hvy. BB race was off to a great start, we ran 20 laps when we got our first yellow. Car # 4 Tyler Tanner brought them around for the green. The middle of the race got touch, the middle of the pack kept swapping it up. In the Winners circle we saw Tyler Tanner, who had lead the race for 30 of the 40 laps.

In the Lt. AA race right off the bat we saw car #9 Jake Grimes took his car for a ride down the front straight with his car going end over end. He walked away and his crew got the car fixed and he tagged the back and finished in 8th place. There was a lot of kids racing hard, we saw the winner Dylan Westrick from Friday’s B main finish in 5th. The winner of the Lt. AA A main was Jesse Harper from the Blackbird club.

The Hvy. AA had car #7 Nichole Morgillo on her lid during practice. She was fine and ended up with a 5th place finish. Car #2 Joey Emm lead the race for the 1st 9 laps when Matt Covington took over. Matt lead the race to the finish, he had a quarter of a lap lead on the 2nd place car Tyler Tanner.

We pushed off the last race of the day Jr. Half at 8:30 with Lance Butler sitting on the pole. After refueling and a few red flags and 45 mins we were back on our way with 4 cars on the track. We threw the last checkered flag at 9:19 with three cars on the track. The winner was Breanna Lopez.

I will send more updates when I get home….Hats off to the AQMA club and National QMA.


July 22, 2004

Thursday the first race pushed off at 9:00am with the Jr. Honda E main, race #23 out of 82 races being held this week. The first few races today went green to checkered, which really moved the program along
During the Lt.160 E Main car #0 driven by Michael Hernandez went for a ride into the catch fence to the bleachers. The bigger amazement was not the crash but that Michael went back out and finished the race in 6th place making him the X car for the Lt. 160 D main. Way to go to Michael and his crew.
This week I was able to work with one of the hardest working women in QMA, Maggie Brown. Maggie is from the Terre Haute club. This is her 6th year going to the grand’s to work in the tower and set the races up. I think Maggie might have worn a path in the carpet going up and down the stairs to post line-ups and transfers. Maggie, THANK YOU for all of your hard work and dedication to the kids of QMA.
We finished with the HVY 160 C main today at 4:58. Wow, these folks here at AQMA are working hard to get everything done on a timely manner.


July 21, 2004 

Today started out with the regular pit meeting at 8:00am, where flagging was gone over with the drivers and handlers.

Opening ceremonies started around 8:45 with a few speakers from the city council welcoming everyone here. We had the Canadian national anthem, followed by the California color guard walking out with the American flag and the State of California flag. Next pushed off our flag carriers, Bobby McMahan worked with these kids and they put on a show, they went four wide while Tori (Rich Field’s niece) sang the national anthem.

We got started with racing at 9:47 and finished up at 6:30 with the F main’s.  Racing was touch and these kids drove hard as you look over the grid’s you can see the hard driving kids and their finishes.

2004 Western Grand's Fast Times

July 20, 2004

Monday was a late night for a few kids that were having a lot of fun racing their RC cars.

Tuesday started out with the 8:00 am pit meeting. National went over how qualifying would run, as well as sealing. Qualifying started at 9:00 am with Jr. Honda pushing off. The show moved along very fast, with the cars being fueled & sealed. Lots of track records were broke, wow these kids were flying. Qualifying ended at 7:05.

Fast Times:

Jr. Honda: 6.6359 Tristan Guardino TRACK RECORD
Sr. Honda: 6.3495 Alex Bowman TRACK RECORD
Hvy. Honda: 6.5833 Jake Shahan
Jr. Stock: 6.1951 Tommy Kunsman Jr
Sr. Stock: 6.1553 Trey Carey TRACK RECORD
Lt. Mod: 6.0248 CJ Christman
Hvy Mod: 6.2001 Shane Lewis
Lt. 160: 6.1063 Travis Field TRACK RECORD
Hvy 160: 6.2564 Brent Housley
Lt. B: 5.8264 Eric Steadman
Hvy B: 5.9349 Nick Carey TRACK RECORD
Lt. BB: 5.7602 Cole Farrow TRACK RECORD
Hvy BB: 5.8254 Kyle Harris TRACK RECORD
Lt A: 5.6215 Jesse Harper TRACK RECORD
Hvy A: 5.6938 Matt Covington

July 19, 2004

American Quarter Midgets club is doing a great job here at the western grand’s.

Friday trailers, motor home and the future driver’s of tomorrow started ascending into the AQMA parking lot. The parking crew did a great job of getting everyone settled into their place.

Saturday Mark Lloyd headed up safety while in contact with national safety director Steve Chopko by phone. Mark had a very strong group of guys helping him from many different regions. There were a few cars that had to be pulled out of safety and be fixed. The main issues were correct bolt size in the shoulder bars, a few jackets that were single layer, and a few other miner things. For the most part things flowed very smooth. The club hosted a movie night for the families they showed Days of Thunder.

Sunday started out with a pit meeting at 8:00am on the dot. Practice started with Jr. Honda’s pushing of at 8:30 going out for three minutes. We did have a shot break when the flagger passed out from heat. Yvonne Seldon did a great job and we wish her a speedy recovery. Practice ended with Sr. Stock on their 2nd round at 6:30. This was real nice to get to do up a nice dinner and enjoy some fun time with our families and friends.

Monday morning started out with our 8:00 am pit meeting, and at 8:30 we pushed off Lt. Mod. At 12:15 we were done running the 2 round of three minutes of practice for all the classes. The national board met and took a vote at that time and it was decided that we would line the cars up for a third round of practice, this round being 5 minutes. We finished out this round at 7:15….way to go to all of you that have helped out so far.


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