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Eastern Grand's - Thompson, Connecticut

2004 Eastern Grand's a Success

The 2004 Eastern Grand National Event held at Little T in Thompson Connecticut was filled with great racing and fun for all. With over 800 cars in attendance the local club did a great job of organizing the show and making sure the cars were all positioned to practice and time in an orderly and efficient manner. There were volunteers from all different regions to aid the local club with the insurmountable task of running the show. Michelle Barzee, Region 2 Director coordinated the judging while her daughter Nicole Barzee kept control of the racing by doing an outstanding job of flagging for the event. Rick Ranstrom, Vice President of Little T could be seen coordinating all aspects of the week long event, from parking to race directing. A special congratulations on a job well done has to be given to Maureen Abbot, Head Scorer from Region 13. We all know how difficult it is to score a Quarter Midget race and we all applaud Maureen for a job well done. We would like to thank everyone who worked hard to make this Grands a well organized and memorable event.

National Board members in attendance included, John Mitchell (President), Glenn Lewis (Tech), Kim Kendall (Treasurer), and Steve Chopko (Safety). All the National Board members in attendance could be seen working in conjunction with the local club to make certain all QMA rules and guidelines were followed and adhered to. If there were any questions concerning Tech, Safety or a myriad of other issues the National Board did an exemplary job of resolving the issue and maintaining the integrity and compliance of all rules and regulations which guide our sport.

The week long event, which began on Sunday June 27th, started out with the customary two rounds of practice. The practice sessions concluded on Monday where timing began earlier than expected. The weather cooperated and only interrupted the show on a couple of occasions. The higher mains began on Tuesday and concluded with the A and B Mains on Saturday. Wednesday, the day began with a parade that included all the drivers for all the different regions in attendance. Pam Dinkins, (Syracuse President) helped to organize the large contingency of region 2 drivers into a well behaved and well represented group of children. We are all very proud of our Region 2 drivers and their families for the way they conducted themselves both on and off the track.

Although all of the final results were not available to us at the time of printing, Region 2 was well represented in the A-Mains. Region 2 drivers who scored A-Main wins were as follows: Conor Lynch (Garden State Quarter Midget Club) Senior Novice Race 2. Jeremy Doll (Garden State Quarter Midget Club) Junior Honda. Jon Mondato (Garden State Quarter Midget Club) Senior Stock. Mike Skarboski (Oaklane Quarter Midget Club) Lt 160. Joey Emm (Oaklane Quarter Midget Club) Hvy 160.

Kevin Forrester
Region 2 Publicity Director


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