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Dirt Grand's - Hagerstown, MD

The Dirt Grands are done.I would like to thank Lenny Sammons for everything he and Area Auto Racing News have done for QMA and especially for Region Two. Lenny was our Grand Marshall for the Dirt Grands. I would like to thank the Hagerstown members for all their hard work throughout the week. Their time and dedication to QMA is greatly appreciated. Dave Young, did a great job as Race Director along with your assistants, Steve Chopko and Terry Abbott. I would like to thank all Region Two members for all their hard work. Everyone pitched in and helped out. The NBOD, Kim Kendall, Steve Chopko, Glen Lewis, and Patty Abbott were all there to help out and did whatever it took to make it happen, along with Region 13 Regional Director Curt Sullivant. .I would like to thank my Region Two Officers, Bob Burgess, Safety, Kim Kendall, Secretary, Glen Lewis, Tech and Kevin Forrester, Publicity, you all pitched in and did a great job. Those Region 2 Shirts and Hats were awesome. I would like to thank all the scorers as well as Marla and Maureen from Region 13, they did a great job as Head Scorers and Publicity. The Tech Committee, Wes, Glen, Jerry, Jim, Dave, George, and Garry, and all the others that were involved you did a fantastic job. Also a big thank you goes to Lisa for doing the Scales, she did a great job. I would like to thank Nicole Barzee along with Bud Hoffman and all the assistant flaggers who worked with her, you all did a great job and kept the drivers in line. I would like to thank all the ladies and gentlemen that came up in the tower to judge, especially Patty Abbott and Mark Tobey for filling in for me as Head Judge, It's not an easy job, but you did it, and I appreciate all your help.

I would also like to congratulate all the drivers and especially Region Two drivers, you all did a great job, we are all proud of you and proud to be part of Region Two QMA.

Michelle Barzee
Region Two Director

TRUE GRIT (Saturday)
Daily News

Welcome Grand Marshal, Lenny Sammons,
Area Auto Racing News.

Race Director Dave Young and Flagger Nicole Barzee
after a hard day on the Dirt.

Being a member of QMA is something we all choose to be. With that membership comes responsibilities. We have a code of conduct to live up to. We have a rule book to keep an even playing field. We have several other procedure books to keep consistency throughout all the regions. One of the most important responsibilities we have is to give back. It takes so many people to pitch in and help to keep a program moving especially at a Grands. Please take the time to corner, judge, fuel, score, pit steward or anywhere else that is requested. It really is unfair that so few are doing the majority of the work so your child can race. They have drivers and families too that they would like to spend time with. If they are doing a majority of the work, they don’t get much down time to do this. Think about it the next we have to hold up a race 15 minutes asking for helpers.


Congratulations to first place winner, Lucas Shidler.
Second place went to Matthew Barndt.


TRUE GRIT (Friday)
Daily News

Our drivers ran 27 races yesterday and did a fantastic job. Nicole Barzee is the DIRT Grands flagperson. She has been awesome all week. Nicole is a retired quartermidget driver this adds to her knowledge and talent as a great flagger. She has been getting these drivers lined-up with no problems to help the program to continue running so smoothly. Thanks also goes to Jane Anne, Bud, Marty, and Jeremy for helping Nicole out with a break every now and then.
Today’s program will begin with the Novice program. We can all appreciate and support our future driver’s of QMA. Take time to be there and encourage them in their races. We will then continue with race #53, Jr. Honda C-Main. Our goal today is to get through the B-Mains. That’s 32 races that we need to run. Please be prepared when it’s your turn to race. We need our cornermen and judges in place ASAP. When we have to ask more than once for volunteers, it slows the program for all of us. Please do your part to support us. Thanks to all of you who have helped out over and over. We appreciate your dedication.
A special THANK YOU to all the people who have come up to the tower to help with scoring. We couldn’t do it without you. You are the BEST!!

Region 2
Michelle Barzee would like to Thank her regional board Kevin Forrester, Glen Lewis, Kim Kendall, and Bob Burgess for their help all year. If anyone would like region 2 souvenirs stop by the Chopko trailer.

Just a Reminder

Handlers remind your drivers that are re-entering the track for a restart, they need to fall to the back of the pack and not gain an advantage or can risk possibly being DQ’d.

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