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Western Grand's - Puyallup, Washington

Well the 2003 Western Grands are well under way.  After some 40+ RC Cars came to race on Sunday night - participants are lining up to have their quartermidget race cars safety inspected for practice today.  At 8 am, Jill Starks, co-chairman of the event, reported there were 400 cars signed in so far.  Jill told me that Kim Kendall, QMA Treasurer and Steve Chopko, QMA Safety, were the first of the National Board to arrive.  Curt Biro, President is now there also.  Jill said that Kim Kendall was such a great help in helping the local club begin sign-ins.  "She was very complimentary and worked very well for and with our local people," Jill said. The 2003 Western Grands Nationals - June 30 - July 5, 2003
Debi Supan
QMA Publicity

We would like to thank Head Scorer Maureen Abbott, Lower Tower Maggie Brown, Race Director Charlie Cagle, Flagman Mike Spadafore for taking the time to come and join us in running the Western Grands. They all have been a pleasure to work with and show there support for QMA. There has been wonderful help in the tower with Shelly Plauson, Fran Smith, from Madera and Joanne Hilsendager, Jennifer Mallo from Region 8. We would like to thank you ladies for helping a lot.

The weather out here has been wonderful and the facility is very beautiful here in Washington. The time trials was on Wed. July 2, 2003. We started at 10:00 and ended at 11:00 for 402 cars. The fast times were as follows:
Junior Honda - William Camara-6.9556
Senior Honda - Ricky Williams - 6.5832
Heavy Honda - Rowan Carey - 6.7372
Junior Stock - Tyler Williams - 6.5201
Senior Stock - Cody Gerhardt - 6.6268
Heavy Stock - Mitchell Hoffses - 6.8732
Light GX160 - Kevin Harris - 6.2869
Heavy GX160 - Nick Carlson - 6.5553
Light Mod - Thomas Stanford - 6.2769
Heavy Mod - Kelsie Martin - 6.5628
Light B - Matt Covington - 5.9763
Heavy B - Nick Carlson - 6.1190
Light AA - Chris Waterman - 5.8105
Heavy AA - Kyle Harris - 6.0318
Junior Half - Spence Gatrell - 5.9224

Photos courtesy Debi Supan       

The racing schedule is posted and we will be racing the L - D mains on Thursday and Friday will be racing the C- B mains and A-Mains on Saturday. The races will be posted on the grid each night or morning. Please remember that the time zone is different and we are all working hard and trying to get the correct information out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.


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