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Dirt Grand's - Terre Haute, Indiana

Welcome Message

8/2/2003 Welcome  to Terre Haute, Indiana and the 2003 Dirt Grand's.  We are very proud of our newly improved facility.  Our track has been here for many years and have seen many driver’s grow up here.  We have families that have been members with their children and now their grandchildren.  Our club is strong with many members and we have enjoyed hosting the Dirt Grand's numerous times.  After the tremendous car count that Mini Indy just had with the Eastern Grand's - we don’t know exactly what to expect in the way of numbers here - but we are ready!  We have a new scoring tower that has just been delivered.  We are going to utilize the MOSCORE people who graciously have worked with us this week in helping us get the electronics set up and working.  Let me invite you to our beautiful new concession stand and bathrooms complete with showers.  We want you to make yourself at home and have a great time at the Dirt Grand's.  If you need anything, ask anyone of our members and the people wearing a hot yellow hat.  At present there are 380 cars pre-registered and it is raining. 
J.R. VanGilder, President, THQMA 

by Debi Supan


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