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Mid-Florida QMRA Plans Brand New Track!

Posted by Art Davis on 9/30/2007 6:52:57 PM

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    The Mid-Florida Quarter Midget Racing Assoc. has been the proud host of the Tangerine Winter Nationals for the past 49 years!  Another Great American Race, "The Daytona 500" shares the same anniversary.  Both races are held in Florida during the winter months and have become a yearly racing tradition.   The Mid-Florida club has grand plans for the 50th Anniversary Race and hopes to host that event at its brand new state of the art facility!  MFQMRA has recently found it necessary to find a new place to race because their current track has been resurfaced and enlarged.  By QMA standards it has been deemed unsuitable for quarter midget racing.  A brand new facility is currently being planned.  The new track will still be located within the Space Coast Community Sports Complex.  Brevard County Parks & Recreation has granted the club use of a large piece of land and the club is planning to build the biggest track possible while staying within the specifications of the QMA rule book.      

    Quarter Midgets of America (QMA) is a nonprofit organization, with over 4,000 participating drivers. It is a safe and competitive racing environment for kids 5 to 17 years old. Safety features include full roll cages, multipoint seat harnesses, full face helmets, fire suits, and other gear. This sport is definitely the ‘best kept secret’ you'll ever come across.  Some of the greatest drivers in motor sports like, A.J. Foyt, Johnny Rutherford, Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon, got their start in quarter midgets.  QMA races are staffed by family volunteers, who work hard to maintain facilities and clubs. MFQMRA wants to provide clean and safe facilities for our drivers, families, and spectators.  All QMA events nationwide are FREE for non-competitors and have bleachers and concessions for spectators comfort.  So check out the closest quarter midget race and bring your family and friends!!

            Florida Cup Series Race #7 which was supposed to take place at Mid-Florida will now be held at the Tampa Bay quarter midget club on Sunday, Sept. 30th.  The race will be a Mid-Florida new track fundraiser.  The MFQMRA Board is gathering information on several different fundraising ideas and welcome your suggestions.  MFQMRA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.  If you know someone interested in contributing through donations and sponsorships or for more information on quarter midget racing in general . . . . . . . . . .

Please contact Jeffrey Pollitt, Region 13 Publicity Director by email: MislandJeff@aol.com.

or any Mid-Florida QMRA Board Member whom can be found at : www.MidFloridaQMRA.com

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