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Ft. Wayne Rumble Tradition Continues

Posted by Art Davis on 12/23/2003 7:24:00 PM

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by Jeff Nuckles, From Rumble P.R.:
umble Series Of Indoor Racing Executive Director Jack Calabrase, and President Tony Barhorst recently announced the continuation of Indoor racing in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

The tradition of indoor midget car racing in Ft. Wayne continues with a holiday season event at the Memorial Coliseum Expo Center In Ft. Wayne. The UMARA National Full Midget Cars, UMRA Three Quarter Midget’s, Outlaw Winged Midget Cars and 1/4 midgets will invade the spacious 1/8th mile oval track inside the Expo Center on Saturday, December 27, and Sunday, December 28. The event features a full card of racing each day. Race times are Saturday, Dec. 27 - Prelims at noon, main events After 6:00 PM, and Sunday, Dec. 28 with prelims at 11 AM, main events for all divisions after 3:00 PM. The Rumble Series Of Indoor Racing has a website at www.autoracingindoors.com. Entries for all divisions are available online and by calling 517-896-0111 or e-mailing Jckby7@aol.com for entries only.

The event has become a winter time racing festival where fans and competitors return each year to get together. The event has a race headquarters at the Ft. Wayne Marriott, one mile from the EXPO CENTER and is open to anyone and features a heated pool and hot tub, Delta House night club, and Red River Valley Restaurant for $54.00 TOTAL. Say you want the, "RACERS RATE" and call 260-484-0411 for rooms only.

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