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Illinois state fair grounds race hosted by ALQMA

Posted by Art Davis on 8/25/2011 8:45:39 PM

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ALQMA held a race at the Illinois state fair on August 18th 2011. They had 80 drivers that put on a very good show for the spectators to watch. Racing started around 7:00 p.m and ran till 12:30 a.m . This was the first year that the Ill. State fair allowed quarter midgets to race at the outdoor arena during the fair. We are hoping that they will welcome us back for the 2012 fair. Along with the good racing you had a chance to check out Mr Allgaier Brandt race car that was on display.

ALQMA and CCQMA holds races in the fall every year at the Coliseum on the Ill State Fair Grounds. If you missed your chance to race this race make sure you come and have a good time this fall. Check out ALQMA web site www.alqma.com for more details or CCQMA web site www.ccqma.org .

Jr Novice                                   Jr Animal                                      Heavy Honda                     Heavy 160

Eli Crane                                    Blaise Baker                                 Leigha Callison                Brandon Smith

Miranda Matta                           Conner Shaughnessy                    Jaret Duff                          Jose Parga

Colton Billington                       Aiden Purdue                               Ryan Miller                       Shelbie Butcher

Dawson Rull                               Caleb Weber                               Bradley Campbell              Melissa McDaniel

Riley Freitag                               Conner Robertson                       Drew Hullman                   Jaret Duff

                                                                                                        Hunter Diebel                    Bree Turner

Sr Novice                                  Sr Honda                                       Jose Parga                          Ryan Miller

Katie Crawford                                                                               Branden Smith                   Leigha Callison

Dalton Rull                               Feature A                                                                                  Drew Hullman

Gabbi Weyant                            Evan Turner                                LT 160                                Cody McElroy

                                                   Austin Stewart                            Feature A

Jr Honda                                     TJ Ballard                                  Brendan McCann

Feature A                                    Jakob Ernst                                Brock Pettit                          Lt World Formula

Karter Sarff                                Tanner Reed                               Tanner Reed                          Evan Turner

Conner Robertson                      Nash Hilmes                              Justin Butcher                       Austin Stewart

Blaise Baker                              Brandon Sweitzer                       TJ Ballard                             Atom Pollock

Conner Shaughnessy                 Blaise Mount                              Karter Sarff                           Justin Butcher

Aiden Purdue                                                                                Atom Pollock                        Brandon Smith

Caleb Weber                              Feature B                                Feature B                                   Jose Parga

Feature B                                   Mason Hammel                         Austin Stewart

Brayden Pettit                            Austin Miller                             Jakob Ernst                        Hvy World Formula

Grant Lucas                               Chad Baldwin                           Grant Wilson                       LeighCallison

Hadley Wilson                           Grant Wilson                            Brooke Miller

Wyatt Martin                             Savannah Watts                        Savannah Watts

Case Turner                               Drake Dowell                           Drake Dowell

Cade McClellan                         Daniel Hoffman                        Seth Tischhauser


Congrats to all the winners

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