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Animal Engines - Update

Posted by Richard Tisone on 3/31/2011 9:43:01 PM

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Animal Engines


Upon review and discussion with the National Board, the Tech Advisory Committee, and most importantly input from our membership, we have decided to reverse our decision to not allow milling of the Animal Head.  This pertains to the head only and there will be no milling of the engine block. The exact specifications will become available on 4/15/11.  Until then the Junior Animal class will be run as exhibition only.  


Enigines from this date forward that are produced for use in QMA will have the head already milled to our specifications by Briggs and Stratton for no additional charge. Briggs and Strattons' support in QMA is greatly appreciated.

Any engines that have already been sold and shipped that have not been milled can be taken to any engine builder as long as they meet QMA specifications.


Our change in direction has not been made lightly.  Every member of the National Board of Directors believes we have been elected into our positions to make decisions on behalf of our members and for the greater good of our organization.  We realize we can never succeed in satisfying every member in every decision we make.

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